10503000 Specialty "Solitary Business" with basic secondary education (grade 9) and Secondary education (Grade 11), opened in September 2017

The staff of 2 qualifications in this specialty is trained

As for the training conditions:

On the basis of basic secondary education (grade 9):

On the basis of secondary education (11th grade)

Students of the specialty have the following competencies (according to the chosen qualification):

050301 2 Electrician-mechanic

  • repair and installation of gyroscopic devices; measurement of voltage and resistance of alternating and direct current using control and measuring devices
  • starting electric motors
  • organization of inspection, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment
  • Rules for the use of electric lighting, installation of electric drives, commissioning devices and the use of process cards for the installation of electrical equipment on mounting circuits
  • Disconnect electrical and electronic circuits;

050302 2 Electric locksmith

  • designation, operating principle and technical characteristics of machines, mechanisms and electrical appliances, overhead lines
  • methods and techniques of processing fabrics and details
  • design and functions of electrical installations
  • technical requirements of the plant and local operating instructions for machines, mechanisms and electrical equipment
  • installation procedure of electrical equipmentinstallation procedure of electrical equipment
  • purpose and rules of operation of measuring instruments and devices of electrical parameters
  • rules for economical use and use of materials and tools
  • execution of installation and dismantling works
  • grounding of overhead lines, telephone lines, maintenance and repair of relay and cable lines

Energy in Ayagoz Polytechnic College Students of the specialties are equipped with the following classes:

Currently, graduates of our college in this specialty work in different parts of the country. Here are some of them:


ТОО Kaz Minerals Aktogay
LV Electrician


ТОО KAZ Minerals Aktogay
LV Electrician

Energy specialties The developers of professional and pre-graduate practice at the following enterprises will conduct