On November 4, 2016, Ayagoz Polytechnic College turned 10 years old. As part of the anniversary celebration, the republican scientific and practical conference “Contribution of technical and vocational education to the development of Kazakhstan: quality, achievements and prospects – Kazakhstan’s way – 25 years” was organized. Employees of vocational and technical education from all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan were invited to the conference: college administration, heads of methodological associations, heads of departments, teachers of general education, general education and special disciplines, masters. The participants of the conference received full certificates, and their reports were included in the collection of books. In addition, the participants of the conference were awarded and awarded at different levels.

Let's talk about the results of the conference

1st place winners

Asem Balgabayeva - East Kazakhstan Agricultural College, Tumabayeva D.S. - Polytechnic College, Ayagoz KGKP;

Second place winners

Juan Amangul - KGKP "East Kazakhstan Technological College",   Karmenova A.B. State Enterprise "Ayagoz Polytechnic College"; Shakhov A.D. - Shemonaih Humanitarian and Technical College;

III place

Kumarbekova A.K. "Ust-Kamenogorsk Medical College", Ardasheva D.E. "Ayagoz Polytechnic College"; Abenova A.A., KGKP "Ust-Kamenogorsk Medical College"; Sanyazova A.B.-KGKP "Electrotechnical College"; Zhumadilov G.K. - Urdzhar technical school; Urkimbayev A.T. - KSU "College of Abai".

The report “Innovative technologies in education” was read with the participation of the methodologist of the “Construction College” G. Semey, the head of the regional Association of Construction Disciplines M.M. Aukishev. The teachers of the college Akhmetzhanov M.M. organized open lessons on the topic: “Joinery from parts”, open lessons by Tumabayeva D.S. “Decision-making in management”, A.Maitaybayeva “Construction of attractive rolling stock”.

The guests were offered a tour of the college building and a small concert program.