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The college was opened on September 1, 2006 as a branch of the Polytechnic College in Ust-Kamenogorsk, and then on March 16, 2009 it was independently reorganized into the “Ayagoz Polytechnic College” with a state license of the AB series No. 0067153.

The college building was built in 1972 and covers an area of 1535 sq. m. The academic building is designed for 280 seats. There are currently 424 students enrolled in the college. There are also workshops for welders, carpenters and carpenters. The number of study rooms in the college is 58% of the number of required classrooms.

The College provides education in the state language on the basis of state requirements and contract on the basis of basic secondary and general secondary education, as well as part-time on the basis of general secondary education.

Material and technical base of the college

Academic building - 1;

Students are provided with a warm and comfortable learning environment

Classrooms - 24

General education classes, offices of professional and economic disciplines are equipped in accordance with the requirements.

Educational and production workshops -2

Carpentry and carpentry, modern welding workshops

Laboratory complexes - 10

Laboratory complexes are an indispensable tool in the practical confirmation of theoretical knowledge.

Conference hall - 1

The conference hall with 100 seats is ideal for holding various conferences, meetings and meetings.

Library - 1

The book fund is 44,165 copies. There are enough books to get a full education in the specialty.

The college has passed the state certification twice and proved its level:

2010 year

- Order No. 279 of 26.05.2010

2015 year

-Order No. 314 of 01.06.2015