This Regulation regulates the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law on Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Internal Code of Conduct at the Ayagoz Polytechnic College, the basic rights and obligations of the student, the administration of the college, as well as other issues related to the student’s activities at the college.

The internal code of conduct is mandatory for college students.

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules are the main normative act defining the internal rules of students’ activities at the College;

1.2. Students (enrolled in the college by order of the director) are required to complete all academic tasks set out in the curriculum and curricula at the approved time;

1.3. This discipline gives the college administration the opportunity to convince, educate and fulfill high-quality teaching duties through honesty and well-being, as well as create organizational and economic conditions necessary for normal high-performance work;

1.4. Issues related to the application of the Rules of Conduct are resolved by the College Administration within their powers, as well as in the case of applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or Rules of Procedure by the Student Parliament of the College and in coordination with the Student Union Committee.

1.5. The internal rules of Procedure of the College student and any changes or additions to them are regulated by the Board of Directors together with the representative of the College student on an administrative proposal and come into force from the moment of signing by the Principal.

1.6. The regulations on the internal affairs of students are posted on the college bulletin board.

Basic rights of students

A college student has the following rights:

2.1. Receive education in accordance with the state mandatory educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2.2. training on an educational grant and contract basis;

2.3. receive scholarships in the prescribed amount (for persons studying by state order);

2.4. receive education in accordance with the current level of development of science, technology and culture;

2.5 Be able to respect his/her achievements, his/her free will, his/her free will and trust;

2.6. participate in the discussion and resolution of important college events through public student organizations and colleges;

2.7. free access to the college library, information resources, educational, medical and other services;

2.8. access to all types of cultural projects, research, conferences, symposiums, meetings, competitions, festivals, publications about their achievements, as well as participation in publications of colleges, subject groups;

2.9. participate in conferences, all competitions organized by the structural divisions of the college, amateur clubs, sports sections, contests, Health Day and other events;

2.10. consult with teachers on the subjects taught, express ideas about the quality and methods of teaching, make suggestions for their improvement;

2.11. moral and financial remuneration for outstanding academic achievements and active participation in the activities of the college and the community;

2.12. Select additional courses offered by college teachers;

2.13. To elect and be elected to the student body of the college;

The main tasks of students

Responsibilities of college students:

3.1. Approved by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”

perform tasks;

3.2. Comply with the Charter of the college, the rules of internal regulations of student activities, comply with the decisions of the pedagogical council, orders and orders of the director, deputy directors regulating educational, cultural, scientific processes, their organization and conduct;

3.3. Students of all forms of college acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their chosen specialty, perform all types of tasks on time, pass all exams and tests in a timely manner in accordance with curricula and curricula (examination session);

3.4. Attend classes in a timely manner and perform all types of tasks provided for in the curricula and programs in accordance with state educational standards, eliminate debt in a timely manner;

3.5. Comply with the requirements for occupational safety, occupational health, industrial hygiene, occupational health and fire safety in accordance with the rules and instructions set out in this regulation, approved by the director of the College;

3.6. The college property is closed, closed