1114000 -Welding business (by type) is based on secondary education (Grade 9) and general secondary education (Grade 11)

This specialty provides vocational education in 3 qualifications

Learning conditions:

On the basis of basic secondary education (grade 9):

On the basis of general secondary education (11th grade):

Students of the specialty have the following competencies (according to the chosen qualification):

111404 2 - Electric and gas welder

  • • Mechanical technician electric welding
  • • Welding on a contact machine
  • • Welding on electronic-beam welding devices
  • • Welding on automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • • Laser welding
  • • Welding on argonode machines

111402 2 - Gas Cutter

  • • Cutting with gas fire
  • • Gas fire welding

111406 3 Mechanic technician

  • • Electric arc welding and cutting
  • • Mastering the technologies of the welding process
  • • Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment

As well as specialists who have graduated from this specialty can continue their studies at higher educational institutions. Those who wish to continue working in their specialty can choose one of 2 ways:

Serve yourself

Work at enterprises and institutions in the specialty

Currently, graduates of our college in this specialty work all over the country. Here are some of them: