Worldskills is a competition for raising the status of working professions and developing skills. Worldskills also has an impact on the development of professional calling all over the world. 

Worldskills championships are held every two years in each country, it is attended by college and university students aged 22 years, qualified young specialists, as well as recognized professionals, masters of industrial training and specialists in the assessment of tasks.

College students also take part in this competition every year.

Achievements of college students:

Worldskills - in the 2018 regional competition on the competence "Network and system administration" - Onalbayev Mirat Berikuly - 3rd place on the competence "Graphic Design" - Muratova Arailym Serikkankyzy - 2nd place Worldskills in 2019 regional competition for the "dry construction and plaster" - Dykybayeva Kenzhegul Dulatkyzy - 2nd place